US – Japan relations . . .

As a child and even as a young adult, I didn’t quite understand the relationship between current events and history.  Taking a long view can help us understand how and why things have happened, but only a few things can help us navigate social and political upheaval as it wreaks its havoc: a loving family, strong friendships, ties to community, and art.

January 1942 Travel restrictions are placed on Japanese Americans living on the West Coast who are now considered to be enemy aliens.

January 27: All people of Japanese descent working in civil service positions in Los Angeles city and county are fired.

January 29: US Attorney General Biddle issues the first order to remove all suspected “enemy” aliens along the Pacific Coast.

February 4: Curfew zones for Japanese Americans living in California, Oregon, and Washington are established by Attorney General.

February 14: Attorney General recommends removal of Japanese “subversives” from the West Coast.

February 19  President Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066, which authorizes the War Department to order all government agencies to assist with the removal, relocation, and imprisonment of all Japanese Americans residing on the West Coast on the United States.

February 25: The first Japanese American families are ordered to leave their homes.