recent interviews . . .

Over at DIYMFA, Gabriela Pereira has created an amazing library — volumes upon volumes of interviews with writers, editors, agents, and so many other book people —  to create community. The one thing that is so hard for writers to find. Especially writers not working toward an MFA.

The interviews run through every topic imaginable when it comes to writing: world building, structure, research, navigating revision, negotiating those revisions with an editor, diction … you name it.

And these interviews are off the cuff– the interviewee doesn’t know the questions ahead of time– which makes the whole thing more interesting, (more nerve-wracking), and more fun.

In my interview, episode #203, Gabriela and I discuss the crafting of nonfiction picture books, especially as it relates to my recent release, Write to Me: Letters From Japanese American Children to the Librarian They Left Behind. Gabriela’s questions helped me think through my process in ways I hadn’t yet.

Give yourself plenty of time to have a listen. Most of her interviews run 40+ minutes long. There is so much to learn, and Gabriela’s classroom is so inviting.