poetry month is nearly over . . . but not quite!

For me, every month is Poetry Month. I write poems every day. Or at least, I start a poem every day. But Thursday, April 21st, is Poem in Your Pocket Day, one of my favorite days of the year. I like all kinds of poetry, but I have a special affection for small poems. Poems for your pocket. Short poems about mostly ordinary things. Valerie Worth poems.


As I have been removing my backyard grass, one shovel-full at a time, and replacing it with flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs, I am reminded of the poem “Grass” by Valerie Worth. I love how she compares the speech of a grass lawn to that of a grassy field. And her surprise at the end.

Grass, by Valerie Worth

Grass on the lawn
says nothing:
Clipped, empty,
Grass in the fields
whistles, slides,
casts up a foam
of seeds,
Tangles itself
With leaves: hides
Whole rustling schools
Of mice.

For more information on Poem in Your Pocket Day, look here.