gratitude . . .

I’ve entered a few poetry contests this year, including one co-sponsored by Garrison Keillor and Common Good Books in St. Paul, Minnesota. We were to write a poem specifically about gratitude. To write about something so abstract isn’t easy. But ever since I sent mine in,  I’m finding myself grateful for more and more — things that I may not have even noticed before, let alone be grateful for.  That is the power of poetry.

Take these roses, for instance:


Well, there’s no doubt I would have noticed them. Who wouldn’t? They’re gorgeous. But before April 2016, while I would have noticed them, sniffed them, admired them, and photographed them, I’m not sure I would have felt the gratitude for the gap in our rickety, run-down fence that I do now. A poem will surely emerge soon. And for that, I am grateful to Mr. Keillor and Common Good Books.